New in Version 4.0

  • Now possible: use of the app in landscape mode.
  • With built in barometer (iPhone 6 and newer) now also possible display of the slope gradient in percent.
  • Instead of the classic display of leaning angle in BikeTrip now a variometer display of leaning and slope (like in an airplane cockpit) or a display of the lateral acceleration (for use in a car) can be selected.
  • A small flashing display now permanently informs about the quality of the GPS signal.
  • Adaptation of the background mode in iOS 9 to the new (stricter) requirements of Apple.

New in Version 3.1

  • The recording of a trip can be interrupted / continued for longer pauses.
  • Map and data of a trip can be exported as a HTML-file, which can be viewed by any internet browser immediately.
  • The algorithm to determine the leaning angle has been revised and is more accurate now.
  • Smaller bugs have been removed again.
  • This is the last version to be operated with the iPhone 4.

New in Version 3.0

  • Unrestricted data recording also when the app is running in the background (must be be switched on in the settings).
  • New data storage model with a high recording density.
  • Detailed information is now available about every stored trip.
  • Fixed crash bug that could occur when saving a waypoint.
  • Some minor improvements and bug removals.

New in Version 2.1

  • Interface and Icon adapted to iOS 7
  • Display box problems in iOS 7 were fixed.

New in Version 2.0.2

  • Intermediate storage of trip data now (hopefully) causes no crash any more.
  • Some other minor bugs removed.

New in Version 2.0

  • To open a selection list, tap on one of the smaller display boxes in the lower half of the screen. The choice is between:
  • A wide range of information about the current trip is available for display now. This makes BikeTrip a fully fledged trip computer:
    • Time
    • Speed
    • Length of trip
      Time length of trip
    • Pure travel time
    • Maximum speed
    • Average speed with and without stops
    • Total ascent
    • Maximum leaning
    • Maximum altitude
    • Number of track- and waypoints
    • Accuracy of gps positioning

  • Extensive help functions: instructions for use, regularly updated news and frequently asked questions concerning BikeTrip.
  • Also there is the possibility to send an email directly to the developer in case of problems with BikeTrip
  • iPhone 5 adjusted screen display.
  • All computational algorithms have been revised and partly recreated.